Daily Writing Prompt

thats what I am and all that’s infinitely remembered, all those times I’ve left things undone like full-stops with tails, like pages of text in pencil half rubbed away by the action of trying to find the line to cross, the stream to leap when its just the ocean reflected in all those critisisms and blindnesses to the little things I have in fact not left alone and incomplete


Daily Prompt: Disagree

via Daily Prompt: Disagree

Stick ’em up, c’mon now let’s do the dance and let our clothes be creased and damp ’cause what does it mean to be civil and wasn’t it ok when all the boys’d gather round in a knot of caterwauling to cheer on the elbows and knees dead centre, the ones with swinging punches and bravado tucked aplenty under a flat cap, on skewiff

No? You don’t think a good old punch up speaks truthful, but let me beg to differ if that suits you better for how civilised we can be inside our animal skins.