Stop walking on egg shells….

If you, like me, love your happy-hen eggs, and yet you are ditching the shell, or just using them around the garden then you might want to stop, because home-produced eggshell powder is an amazing natural calcium supplement and can be made for free.

And what’s more, a study in isolated cells found that calcium absorption was up to 64% greater from eggshell powder compared to pure calcium carbonate. [1] (It’s helped by the other stuff in the shell, including the delicate lining). While in other animal and human tests, eggshell calcium shows increased bone density, less arthritic pain, and even stimulates cartilage growth. [2]

So yes, if you need or already buy calcium supplements produced by big industry, then you are paying for something way less effective than something you can make at home, without any complicated jiggery-pokery, and without inheriting a plastic pot destined to choke earth. Win-win and win again.

And while calcium may be the most abundant mineral in our body, mostly in our bones and teeth, it is also needed for other essential functions, like muscle contraction and cell formation. The bad news is, if we are becoming calcium depleted, our bodies start to leach it from those same bones and teeth I was just talking about. I am having nightmares of crumbling teeth and dental extraction as I type… quick, lets think about those eggshells again!

All you need is a bit of boiling, followed by a bit of oven drying and a whizz in a blender and ta-dah! And with the beauty of the internet, there are now plenty of tutorials on uTube, which I highly recommend you check out. I found this one, but there are plenty of others too.

Let me know in the comments if you try it, and any ways that you come up with for including it in your diet. Stay healthy and green, Dx

[1] Lucas R. Brun, Maela Lupo, Damián A. Delorenzi, Verónica E. Di Loreto & Alfredo Rigalli (2013) Chicken eggshell as suitable calcium source at home, International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 64:6, 740-743.



She stretches entwining limbs
circling eagerly the pergola.

Brazen eye of the sun, blows
scented kisses circumsolar

Passing lovers touch her fragrant fingers
an aura of sensual memory lingers

and then it is dusk
whose broad strokes of grey
dim to black

last light slips away
an arrogant Sun
turns his back

All earth bows its head in silence

yet midnight lovers brush her fragrant fingers
and still her sensual memory lingers

as honeysuckle does not sleep
but seeks love from distant stars.

Veiled skies reveal a cooler night
a subterfuge to capture Mars

enticing him on nights sweet breath
holding deep her primal power

come abandon yourself, imbue your heat
on Earths eternal unspent flower

Debra Cazalet, 2003

Adrift. What would that play out like in years to come…?

New poetic flash out today, Here.

Happy days 🤩 I had notification of a flash fiction / poem accepted 🎉🎉🎉

It always feels like quite an accomplishment, as I know my writing is quite dense and not for the faint-hearted or easily confused. Definitely not mainstream 🤪. I hope you have fun reading it 💋


Beneath the Beauty’

Shall we begin with a Once-

Upon-A-Time-ness? With a metaphor?

A rose in bloom? A sunrise, ripening

shedding warmth along the path to her door?


What colour, that door?


Shall it be crimson? Or soft magenta blush, or

her imagined truth; that scarred, blackened fissure

in sunken, ugly frame, mottled and mouldy

hunkering and hideous, insect infested


Opening though, that door, at the behest of intangible

fingers, and her; lost and translucent with

hummingbird heartbeat thrumming a cats purr

Shall we follow her as she runs and runs? Till

the sun’s too tired and turns his back?


Long ago she’d lost herself amid bracken

lain in a nest of fallen boughs, fled forward

through times dark, light, dark, light



See how the moss, extravagantly green (enough to

make you dream of God and cry) crept over

her whitening bones in waves. She, crumbled there

beneath the beauty, her dust, molecules of forgiving


See how the wind takes up her cause

blowing her free of chaff


So, let us begin with the Once-

Upon-A-Time-ness of a tale


a ghostly impermanence, an elfin soul running

backward-backward, each breath stealing a year

Let us watch till she is nothing but sound

that hummingbird heartbeat thrumming


thrumming, till the space she leaves becomes her

Bad Seed

A new painting in progress. And while I juggle with a few writing projects, Nick (of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds notoriety) is giving me a bit of much needed meditation…

I’m going to try and leave this one partially undone, as it’s not a commission and I can just please myself (much like the one behind… being painted on an old internal door, my new favourite surface). 

Artwise I’d already made the decision to just paint for myself, as the fiction writing will invariably have to be tampered with by others, and that’s fine, I’m happy with that. It’s something that requires me to be at the mercy of outside forces. Beta readers, editors, publishers. The market. And I’m prepared for that, but only because I still have something that nobody can touch and I don’t have to care if anybody else likes it, or ‘gets’ it. No artist ‘statement’ required… Not for this kid